Here's what we offer...


The Boselli Foundation provides a variety of consulting services and professional development offerings tailored to individual organizational needs. After an initial assessment, a training and curriculum plan will be created to enable the provider to more successfully impact involved youth. Budget and time parameters will be discussed and incorporated in all plans. 

What you get with The Boselli Foundation:

  • Assistance in developing program goals and benchmarks

  • Innovative professional development

  • Successful technology and literacy integration for the 21st century classroom

  • Real time professional coaching from a dynamic, experienced educational leader

  • Customized, ongoing support to meet specific needs in academic planning and implementation

  • Practices to create inclusive and equitable learning environments


Our trainings support educators seeking to make their schools and communities more equitable. After an initial assessment, a learning plan will be created to help leaders set courageous yet attainable goals to address specific equity challenges.

Trainings will provide:

  • A greater understanding of why race, equity, and inclusion matter

  • Skills to lead authentic conversations around racism and educational inequality

  • Practices to create inclusive and equitable learning environments

  • Support to establish cross cultural relevance between teachers and students 


Compelling professional development trainings, individual coaching, and on-going workshops will provide teachers with evidence-based strategies and support to continue building knowledge and skills with students in their classrooms. Customizable options are offered to support literacy instruction across all content areas. Parent engagement workshops to support learning in the home are available to foster strong home to school connections. Trainings will help teachers:

  • Make intentional decisions to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of each student

  • Implement collaborative learning strategies to engage all students

  • Foster the love of learning for their classroom 

  • Strengthen students’ capacities to engage in complex learning


Boys want to learn but they aren’t learning as well as girls are in many schools. The stats reveal boys receive the highest amount of behavior referrals, the majority of Ds and Fs, and are behind in state testing. This "boy-friendly" workshop focuses on improving learning for boys, which leads to increased motivation and a reduction in behavior challenges. Evidence-based strategies will be taught that teachers can immediately implement in their classrooms. These strategies support increases in girls' achievement and performance, as well.

The training helped me to be more sensitive to the experiences my students face outside of school. It gave me new ways to relate to, understand, and ultimately teach them better.
— Brittany H, Teacher